Francesca Forno

addiopizzo.pngBy introducing political consumerism into the vocabulary of the anti-Mafia movement, Addiopizzo activists – a group of post-grad students formed in 2004 – have been able to effectively encourage a growing number of entrepreneurs and shopkeepers to join together to oppose the extortion racket systems in the city of Palermo, Italy.
This research aims to study how a small, locally-based Social Movement Organization (SMO) has succeeded in mobilizing different segments of society by connecting its symbolic, material and structural dimensions.
The reserach adopted a multimethods strategy. Data for the analysis came from several sources: interviews with the activists themselves, participant observation, media analysis and a structured questionnaire distributed to 277 entrepreneurs who had joined the mobilization.
The study was based on more than four years of field research and was partially supported by the Swedish Research Council (2010-2013).

Main Publications:
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