Collaborative Consumption and Lifestyles

collcons.jpgCollaborative consumption and lifestyles are developed by people with similar interests who come together to share and exchange assets, such as time, space, skills and money, both on a local level and worldwide. Within this area of investigation we are interested in studying the many forms of alternative consumption practices that have developed over the last decades (political, ethical and sustainable ones). Particular attention is given to relationships and environments that serve simultaneously as meeting places, co-production spaces, and market-places for services and strategies of transmission of ‘local’ knowledge, both online and off-line.

Our main projects on Collaborative Consumption and Lifestyles include:

§ Inside Relational Capital - //Dentro il capitale delle relazioni//
§ My House is Yours - //La mia casa è la tua//
§ Critical Shopping to Fight the Mafia - //Il consumo critico come strumento di lotta alla mafia//
§ Sustainable Community Movement Organization in Times of Crisis - //Le organizzazioni del movimento eco-solidale in tempo di crisi//
§ Practices and visions of change and learning. From reducing consumption to new ways of coexistence//Pratiche e visioni del cambiamento e dell’apprendimento. Dalla riduzione dei consumi a nuovi ipotesi di convivenza

Local Action Participatory Research Projects
§ Sustainable Citizenship - //Per una cittadinanza sostenibile//
§ A biodiverse world is a different world - //Un mondo biodiverso è un mondo diverso//
§ Exploring sustainability in the food sector Erasmus+ project