Exploring sustainability in the food sector Erasmus+ project

Francesca Forno

Colin Sage ISIS (2).pngThe project, funded by European Union Erasmus + in 2015, is an international partnership among Germany, Turkey, Italy and Finland. There are four secondary schools involved in the project: Berufskolleg (Viersen, Germany), ISIS Romero (Albino, Italy), Şişli Anadolu Lisesi (Instanbul, Turkey) and Etelä Tapiolan Lukio (Espoo, Finland). The cooperation aims to increase the particpants’ awareness of the need for sustainable thinking and it will build up their skills in acting sustainably in business as well as in private life. In the medium term the project may lead to fair-food policies being adopted by the partner schools. Through dissemination, it will also have an impact on citizens in our cities and regions and hopefully help spread sustainable business and consumption practices further.

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