Reading List

Lista letture.pngWeek 1: Introduction & Course Premises
"Planet in peril", in Environmental Sociology by John Hannigan, 2006, Pp. 1-17
Online video:
"Environment", in The Development Dictionary, edited by Wolfgang Sachs, 2009, Pp.24-35.
Week 2: Social, economic and cultural factors of consumption practices and patterns
True Wealth, by Juliet B. Schor, NY: Penguin Books, 2011 (Ch. 2&3)
The Sociology of Consumption, by Joel Stillerman, Cambridge, Polity Press (Ch. 8)
"The Emergence of the Social Media Empowered Consumer", by Chodagh O'Braien, in Irish Marketing Review, Vol. 21, 2011, Pp 32-40.
"Production, Consumption, Prosumption", by Georege Ritzer and Nathan Jurgenson, in Journal of Consumer Culture, 2010, Pp.13-36.
"The Intersecting Roles of Consumer and Produer: A Critical Perspective on Co-Production, Co-Creation and Prosumtion, by Ashlee Humphreys and Kent Grayson, in Sociology Compass, 2008, Pp.1-18.
Week 3: New trends in consumption and tourism
“Food and Sustainable Development: How should we feed the world?”, by Colin Sage, in The Routledge International Handbook of Sustainable Development, 2015, Pp. 264-277.
“Who’s buying organic food and why? Political consumerism, demographic characteristics and motivations of consumers in North Queensland”, by Breda McCarthy and Laurie Murphy, in Tourism and Management Studies, 2013, Pp. 72-79.
“Localizing Linkages for Food and Tourism: Culinary Tourism as a Community Development Strategy”, by Gary Paul Greena & Michael L. Doughertya, in Community Development, 2008, Pp. 148-158
“The Simplicity Movement: A multi-national survey analysis in theoretical context”, by Samuel Alexander and Simon Ussher, in Journal of Consumer Culture, 2012, Pp. 66-86.
“Developing a conceptual framework for slow travel: a grounded theory approach”, by Les M. Lumsdon and Peter McGrath, in Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 2011, Pp. 265–279.
“Slow travel: issues for tourism and climate change”, by Janet E. Dickinsona, Les M. Lumsdonb and Derek Robbinsa, in Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 2011, Pp. 281–300.
"Tourism transition: a conceptual approach on the co-working relationship of hospitality and agricultural businesses", by Viola Tschendel & Werner Gronau, in Tourism and Innovation, Mannheim 2014, Pp. 75-88.
“Sharing”, by Russelle Belk, in Journal of Consumer Research, 2010, Pp. 715-734.
What's Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption, by Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers, NY: Harperbusiness, 2010.
“Sharing Economy in Travel & Tourism: The case of Home-Swapping in Italy”, by Francesca Forno and Roberta Garibaldi, in Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality and Tourism, 2015.
"Share Economy in Metropolitan Tourism. The role of authenticity-seeking", by Natalie Stors & Andreas Kagermeier, in Anita Zátori (Ed.): Metropolitan Tourism Experience Development: Diversion and Connectivity. Budapest 2015. Conference Proceedings of the RSA-Tourism Research Network Workshop, Budapest, 28-30th January 2015
Week 4: Doing research in tourism
This week is specifically devoted to exploring a significant part of the range of methods that sociology offers for making sense of the social world. More than exploring particular modes of sociological analysis, in this part we will also reflect more generally on the distinctive perspective that sociological analysis can bring.
Research design: qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods approaches by John W. Creswell, 4th ed. London: Sage
Week 5: Students' presentations